Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) founded the American secessionist movement in photography. Through his gallery and his journals (Camera Work was highly influential) early in the Twentieth Century, Stieglitz was instrumental in promoting a new style in photograph, the Pictorialist Movement, in America. Pictorialism, here and in Europe, represented a view of photography as an art form. Contrary to the effects of the new Kodak Camera which purported to make everyman a photographer, Pictorialism emphasized as an art form which would show the intent and interpretations of the photographer as artist. Pictorialist photography emphasized post-exposure technical manipulation. Pictorialist images are characterized by a soft focus and an emphasis on depicting natural scenes rather than artificial laboratory photos previously. These images have all been manipulated post exposure to produce a “look” typical of the Pictorialists of the Secessionist movement.

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