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  • Three Roses

    I’m interested in images of flowers somewhat past their prime. Roses beginning to wilt are especially appealing. There is more poetry in the history of roses whose petals are starting to curl and begin turning brown. The life-force that is in glorious display in roses at their peak is starting to leave, as it must eventually from all living things.

2 thoughts on “New Work

  1. lynn sussman says:

    I appreciate your use of AI to create new images. Besides the technical parameters you set for each, I’m curious about your choice of images to elaboration on with the use of AI technology. The choices seem endless. Is that the same with digital photography?

    1. Joanne says:

      Thanks for your comment! I think my choices are of two kinds: First, some were choices made when I was trying to learn the program (Midjourney) and explore its limits. Fashion, design and abstracts are of this category. I may do more of those, though. The other category includes subjects I’ve always been interested in, like landscapes and country scenes. Partly because of the way the program (Midjourney) works, I’m easily inspired to try something new.


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