Welcome to Joanne Mason’s Website. Here you will find beautiful landscapes, floral and botanical photographs, and fine art photographs. I aim to create images that capture and express the beauty found in the natural world, and also the elegance and inspiration often found in the synthetic world. These are currently some of the best images. Below are links to galleries containing these images and more. If these photographs bring you pleasure, I hope you’ll let me know.

Visions of Nature

Abstract, expressionist, and post-impressionist images from nature

Light and Shadow

Black and white images – The art of manipulating light and shadow

Flowers and Botanicals in the Environment

Flowers in nature, usually without artificial lighting or post manipulation

Florals in the Studio

Florals shot under controlled conditions and artificial lighting; includes edited images and extreme closeups

Southwestern Landscapes

Mountains, valleys, and desert plains of Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California

More Landscapes

More landscapes, both in nature (especially the northeast) and in the synthetic environment, including architectural images