Midjourney is often thought to be among the top two or three A.I. art and design programs. (I think DALL-E 2. is the only close competitor.) Midjourney is particularly helpful in areas of digital design including architecture, interior design, product design, garden planning, and the like. For me, the best use of Midjourney (or other similar A.I.) is for what I call “Playing with Intention“.

Playing with intention is not exclusive to other instrumental uses of Midjourney. One can, for instance, engage in intentional playing in the course of specific design projects such as in architecture. “Playing with Intention” is first “Playing.” We give free rein to the imagination and see what we get. But we develop a prompt thoughtfully. And we pay attention to the results, considering any ideas it stimulates, or further image exploring that it suggests.

Several writers have made comments addressing this “playing with intention.”

  • It’s a way to exercise the creative mind and explore self-expression. -Tim Tadder
  • It’s to expand one’s imaginative powers. -David Holz
  • It’s to help one get out of creative ruts. It’s for creative inspiration. -Robert Hansen

Creative Images

The final three images are Midjourney images inspired by Picasso’s Woman Looking in Mirror. Before that are two images from Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Before that, we just let Midjourney go wild with simple geometric prompts.