Tree of Light

I think “Tree of Light” was created near the end of the Visions of Nature series. Though it did make it into the book (Visions of Nature, here), it ended up in a folder all its own. Out of sight, out of mind. So it has not previously been posted online and has up ’till now not appeared on this site. So here it is. I like this image quite a lot. It represents very well, I think, the techniques I used in the Visions series and the kind of results I could obtain. I think (hope) the image imparts an ethereal sensation of the tree in terms of the light-energy that radiates from it. As such, I feel it is a very peaceful image. The techniques included primarily solarization (or a digital version of it) (here and here). Solarization is an interesting technique; a minute or two either way and the image can change completely. Along with solarization, I applied a variety of colorings and other abstractions. Along with many other of the Visions images, I have it printed on large aluminum panels.

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