California Flowers

These images are of tulips and California poppies (the state flower). The photographs were originally included in Landscapes of the American Southwest [Books]. They’re now in the Florals in the Landscape gallery.

Acoma Mesa Rocks 2

The other day, I posted a photograph of rocks and boulders around the Acoma mesa in New Mexico. Here is another image. This image shows the Acoma valley beyond and more of the picturesque landscape in this part of New Mexico.


Looking through past posts, I don’t think this image has been featured before, although it is currently on the front page of the site (Home). Dahlias are a favorite of mine to photograph, especially in the extreme closeup here. I like dahlias because of their richness of color and the dense petals. In this image, the light seems to come from inside the flower.

New Mexico Rocks – Acoma

These rocks are part of Acoma Mesa in New Mexico. I have featured Acoma images before; I shot these on a visit to New Mexico several years ago. (Click image for full view.) The Acoma Puebla is the oldest continually occupied settlement in North America. Quoting from the Acoma Nation history: There is a great difference of opinion as to the age of the…

Country Lake

Working on the upcoming book, Light & Shadow, I’m reviewing images and thought I would share this one. This image was shot in New Hampshire at Lake MacDowell. The lake was created by the MacDowell Dam in Peterborough. I have visited this area a number of times in recent years.

Garden Door

I enjoy walking in gardens, and I am especially pleased whenever I come across an interesting door. So this image, “Garden Door”, combines those two interests very nicely. (This is in the Descanso Gardens, in Pasadena CA.)

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