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Synthetic Photography

I’ve been working with what has been called “Synthetic Photography.” As an old computer science and mathematics major, I have been intrigued by the development of generative A.I. The field of A.I. has been advancing by leaps and bounds, so that it is now possible to create photorealistic images. Synthetic Photography isn’t photography, but it isn’t just computer image creation. It’s a synthesis of photography and generative A.I. in a sense that I’ll discuss more fully in Blog entries. In the meantime, here are some examples.

/Imagine Advertising – style medium – close centered view photo of woman – model long hair in long gown on an abstract background shot with studio light 90mm f/ 4 – seed 1 – ar 16. 9 – v5

/Imagine Macro portrait a graceful blondewave 25 yearold supermodel with blue eyes smiling posing flirty on the beach and plush lips in the style of golden hour. Close up shot. Shallow field of depth –v 5.0 – Pan Down

/Imagine advertising-style medium-close centered view photo of smiling woman-model long black hair in dark red gown wearing gold necklace on an abstract background shot with studio light 90mm f/4 – seed 1 – ar 16.9 – v5

/Imagine Lifestyle, golden hour, full – length photo of young woman, short blonde hair in bright colorful dress with flowers design, wildflowers background, shot with natural light 210 mm f/ 22, right fill-light – seed 1 – ar 4:3 – v5 –v 5.0

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