San Francisco Peaks, Arizona
Three Roses


Welcome. I’m a photographer based in New England. I photograph Nature, Landscapes, Florals and Botanicals, Architecture, and Fine Art. 

I work to create images that convey the beauty of nature and the natural environment, our home on the planet, along with our created environment. I am driven to capture the beauty of nature. Often, however, there is an inner beauty not readily apparent. One purpose of art is to render familiar things in unfamiliar ways that can help us to see things freshly. Thus I am led to different shapes, colors, and patterns that may help us see through to an inner reality.

Bixby Bridge, The Big Sur, California


Many of my photographs are available for purchase as fine prints. Fine art prints can be a major addition to any room. Prints can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Size and format may be customized to your satisfaction. The rewards of ownership include being able to view fine photographic art in your home or office, and the knowledge that you will be supporting my work.

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I am happy to entertain commissions. Of particular interest are residential gardens and business and office buildings and facilities. Have a development you’re especially proud of? Document your achievement with a series of photographs, styles and formats to your specification. Bring your beautiful garden indoors in fine photographs to enjoy year-round. Contact me with any inquiries.

Flowering Tree Over Lake


The Creative Experience and Photographing Nature

Why are those of us who photograph nature moved to do so? Undoubtedly because we like the images we produce – They are beautiful, dramatic, striking. But I want to suggest there is a broader creative experience involved. An artist I much admire is Guy...

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On Vision in Photography and Art

What do we see when we look at a photograph or a work of art? For some time I have been influenced by the Twentieth Century Russian writer, Viktor Schklovsky (1893-1984), a prominent member of the Russian Formalist School of literary criticism. For Schklovsky, a...

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On Art, Photography, and the Contemporary Age

The New York Times today has an article featuring a panel of art people discussing and attempting to create a list of “the 25 works of art that define the contemporary age.” I find this article — and the exercise — highly problematic. The article...

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Summer Morning, Westport Mass


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Wall in Santa Fe

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