Design Development with A.I. Images

Midjourney makes it possible to rerun or iterate an image, exploring subtle or larger variations. This makes it well suited to generating and exploring ideas for further development with other means. Architecture and Design are fields for which digital image creation with A.I. is especially well suited. A great many of the world’s leading architects and designers include Midjourney or other A.I. program in among their tools.

The prompt for both of these images is /Imagine a Symmetrical picture, living room design, modern style, Minimalist style furniture, low saturation light gray, off – white gradient lighting, glass cabinet doors, LED lighting, Decorations, plates, jars, books, decorations, flower pots, ceramic art,greenery, high Resolution, 8K, Sony FE 85mm f/ 1

Here are two variations of a modern living room, Italian or European style. They represent a wealth of ideas about design and decor to prompt fourth development. (Click image to view full size.)

There’s a Midjourney command for generating mood boards. Here are two. The simple prompt here is /Imagine Moodboard 4×4 for design style ideas for modern family living area

An outstanding resource for architects and Midjourney is here. A corresponding resource for designers is here. I’ll be exploring the use of Midjourney for design in future blog posts.

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