Residential Gardens

You’ve invested labor and money into creating a garden that is beautiful, peaceful, inspiring. Your garden enhances your residence. Bring it inside with fine photography, where you can enjoy it year round, in all weather, and where it can further enhance your home. You can choose fine art prints to grace your home. Or a set of photographs can be included in a fine bound book.

The project can be designed to your desires and specifications. Price negotiated – One half due at commencement, one half when project completed.

Contact me if interested.


Perhaps you’ve moved into a new office, proud of the new decor. Or a new building that’s recently been completed. Or under construction. Or maybe you’re in a building or office on the historic registry. All deserve to be documented with photographs and fine photographic prints.

As above, projects can be designed to your specifications and customized to how you will use photographs/prints/albums. Price negotiable, one half upon commencement, one half at completion.

Contact me if interested.

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