Exploring Fashion with A.I. 2

Here is another gallery of images I created with A.I. exploring fashion. The first row features images created in the style of Donatello Versace. The second row is in the style of Vivianne Westwood. The third row is in the style of Haider Ackerman. (I emphasize that these images are not designs of Versace, Westwood, or Ackerman. Neither the models pictured nor the designs exist in real life. They are digital images created by the A.I.) The last row images are purely imaginative without any particular style designation; to the extent that the designs are specified in the prompts, the designs are entirely mine.

Exploring Fashion with A.I.

As with architecture and interior design, fashion design represents fertile ground for exploration with AI and synthetic photography. Multiple instances of themed designs can be developed and modified, with variations in command specifications and photographic parameters. Here are some images I created modeling professional business attire. I appreciate how playing with this relatively simple theme leads to many images that showcase interesting ideas.