An Experiment in Art Styles and A.I.

The Midjourney A.I. allows an image to be interpreted (actually, created) in the style of something or someone. This led me to an experiment that I hoped would produce interesting results. I had the A.I. produce a series of images styled according to well-known artists modern and contemporary artists. Every image started with the simple prompt, Photo in the style of ____ of a country scene,Fujifilm GFX 100 fullscreen camera,40mm f16–ar 4:3–chaos 50 –s 50. (Midjourney produces 4 images for each prompt. The chaos parameter tells the A.I. the degree to which I want them to be different.) None of the images were reprocessed in any way. The process is entirely in the hands of the A.I. This includes visualizing a country scene, and applying what the A.I. knows of the artist specified.

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