Joanne Mason has been interested in creating images throughout her life, having been turned on to photography at an early age by her grandmother.  She has been able to focus on making photographs with greater intensity and a commitment to craft and an artistic vision since retiring from a career in education. While she is mostly self-taught in photography, her work has benefitted from several highly regarded and valued mentors. She has studied with Elyse Shapiro at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut. Her current work is mainly in landscape and nature photography. Her images are in private collections. Among her awards are a First Prize in the Silvermine School of Art show and an Editor’s Choice award in the Photography Review competition.

Artist Statement

I make photographs of the natural world and of the synthetic world within the natural environment. My photography is intended to be viewed and enjoyed. I aim to create images that evoke an emotional response in the viewer, whether it be pleasure, questioning, wonder, or something more dramatic and intense. I view the photographic image as an occasion of co-creation, artist and viewer.

The photographic image is unique in its capacity to simultaneously document and create new perceptions of reality. The images which I make are often the result of digital manipulation in camera and post-capture. The image produced by the camera is just the start as the image is subsequently refined and enhanced in the computer. In creating a photographic image, we paint with light and shadow and color and shape; the camera produces the canvas upon which to work.

I believe that photography is an art form.. One of the purposes of art is to challenge our way of seeing, to stimulate new and different ways of seeing. Especially with scenes of the natural world, filled with opportunities for wonder and introspection, there are layers of reality often hidden from our immediate or fleeting view. In order to truly see, we must reveal that which is unseen.




Solo Feature Show, First Bank of Greenwich, 2018

Advanced Digital Photography, study with Elyse Shapiro, 
      Silvermine School of Art, New Canaan CT
Honorable Mention, Silvermine Student Art Exhibition
First Place, Silvermine School of Art Show
Editor’s Choice Award, Photo Review Annual Competition

Photography is included in numerous private collections

Landscapes of the American West
Visions of Nature
Light and Shadow (forthcoming)


More than forty Years in teaching mathematics and in educational leadership

Michigan State University, East Lansing MI
Cambridge School of Weston, Weston MA
University School, Nashville TN
Tilton School, Tilton NH
Center for Progressive Education, Baltimore MD
Park School, Baltimore MD
Harker School, San Jose CA

Consulting, writing, and project development in education, mathematics, technology, professional development, marketing, management, media production

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