Five images are of the American Southwest, and three images created in and around Greenwich CT. To me, creating and enjoying landscape images is to participate in a sacred respect for the earth. I have been especially drawn to the Southwest, including its mountains, canyons, and deserts. The three canyon images were produced on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

An image that was not in the bank show but which I consider special is that of Spider Rock. Spider Rock, in Canyon de Chelly, is a central location in the Navajo creation myths and I find it moving for this reason as well as its natural beauty.

(Numerous images from the Southwest are also included in the book, Landscapes of the American Southwest, which is available from Amazon.)

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San Bernardino MountainsCanyon Seated FigureCanyon TreeMorning in the CanyonSpider Rock (Canyon de Chelly)Mead LakeNYC from Tod's PointSunday Afternoon (Bruce Park)