Desert Series

The Desert Series was created during several trips through the American southwest and features mostly the Mohave Desert in southern California and in Arizona and the Painted Desert in Arizona and New Mexico. Most of these images have been digitally processed to enhance the impressions of the deserts.
Desert 1 - CaliforniaMohave DesertDesert 5 - Painted DesertDesert 2 - Arizona Painted DesertDesert 8 - ArizonaDesert 4 - Painted DesertDesert 3 - Painted DesertDesert Series V2-1 The "Little ColoradoDesert Series V2-2 The "Little" ColoradoDesert Series V2 -Badlands 3Desert Series V2-4 Mohave DesertDesert Series V2-5Painted Forest Panorama1 NFSPainted Desert 2-2