I enjoy making and sharing images of the natural world and of the synthetic world within the natural environment. I want to make photographs that evoke an emotional response from the viewer, whether it be pleasure, curiosity, fascination, or something more dramatic and intense. Photography is a unique and fascinating art because it is a work of shared creation.


Photography is unique in its capacity to simultaneously document and challenge our perceptions of reality. The photographic image can correspond closely with an objective reality, but it also begins to create a new reality. As soon as I take a picture, I have made choices – subject and moment, framing, exposure, composition. The image produced by the camera is just the start as I then spend time on the computer, developing, refining, enhancing an image. In photography, we paint with light and dark and color and shape, and the image from the camera is the canvas, the raw pixels, upon which we work.


I believe that photography is an art form. One of the purposes of art is to challenge our way of seeing, to stimulate new and different ways of seeing what may be ordinary. There are layers of reality often hidden from our immediate view. This is especially so with photography of the natural world. In order to truly see, we must reveal that which is unseen.



Photography has been a fascination and avocation most of my life. My grandmother – an avid enthusiast photographer – introduced me to photography when I was about 10. My first camera was a little Kodak Brownie box camera that she gave me. Photography has been a passion ever since. As to photo technique, I am mostly self-taught, though over the years I have been fortunate to have god mentors and to be able to draw inspiration from numerous masters of the medium.


For most of my adult life, I have worked in education, in teaching and administration. My academic field was mathematics. I was born in New York City and grew up in Ohio and New Jersey. In my adult life, I’ve lived in New York City, Michigan, Boston, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maryland, San Francisco and Los Angeles California, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, and, Connecticut.


Since retiring from education, photography has continued to be the central passion of my life. At the current stage of my (continually reinvented) life, I find new visions, new perspectives and energy coming to fruition in my photography.


Advanced Digital Photography, continuing study with Elyse Shapiro, The Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan CT

Honorable Mention, Silvermine Student Art Exhibition

1st Place, Silvermine Student Art Exhibition

Editor’s Choice Award, Photo Review Annual Competition

My work is in private collections around the country and published in numerous magazines.

I have published Landscapes of the American West, available from Blurb. More information here.

A new book, Natural Impressions, is in progress, with publication imminent. 

Most of my work is available for license and/or purchase as prints. Many printing and framing options are available. If interested, please contact me. Also see Buying Prints here.


All work is copyrighted by Joanne Mason. All rights reserved. Contact me at joanne@joannemasonphotography.com.